Happy Tuesday! It’s a beautiful morning in a beautiful place and I am grateful to be alive right here and right now. I’m grateful for open windows and sleeping with fresh, cool air in the room, for the sounds of outdoors greeting me this morning when I awoke, for cats crowding for the best perch in the window and my favorite cup of coffee waiting next to me just an arm’s length away. I’m grateful for sleeping well and waking rested, for late summer days with cool mornings and being able to exercise outside easily, for meeting neighbors and all the people that come out in temperate weather, for the “well-oiled machine” that is my bicycle and all the fun and all the challenges it brings into my life. I’m grateful for my spouse and soulmate, for dear friends, for the web of affection and support that I live in, for time with one of my nieces and my great nephew and knowing I can still joyfully roughhouse with a 5 year-old, for my sisters and brother and father and for missing my mom everyday. Today, I intend to finish a painting insofar as its rendering – I always have to “sit” with it a few days and let it tell me if it is really complete, to spend some time with myself and do some weeding in the garden of my desires, to ask myself, “What do you really, really want?” – and then to allow the answers to open in me. What are you doing with your day today?


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