Hello Wednesday! It is a gorgeously dark morning in the Bluegrass and as I sit next to an open window listening to the cricket chorus happily greeting the day, I know that I am even more than grateful to greet the day myself – I am thrilled to be alive today! I am excited about it! No particular reason – just all of the same reasons to be happy and grateful for every other day but it feels so good this morning! I smile into the beginning of my day and I am grateful for all the happiness and laughter that will come into my day today – the happiness and laughter that were seeded by sharing happiness and laughter with dear friends last evening. I’m grateful for long-time friends meeting new friends and the widening of the circle. I’m grateful for my sister joining us for lunch yesterday, for healthy food, good and plenty exercise, a spouse who loves me and whom I adore, the best neighbors and friends in the whole world, work to do that prospers me and makes my heart smile and all the ways that God shows up in my life. Today, I will put what are most likely the finishing touches on a painting, start a new project, ride my bicycle, cuddle with a cat or two or three (if I’m lucky – which I am), take walks with my two favorite dogs and take pictures of the world around me. What are your plans for the day?


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