Good morning, Wednesday! I am grateful for this day, for the life that lives in me, for waking up, opening my eyes and being in a familiar and safe place, for a really good night’s sleep and being well-rested today. I’m grateful for this body that I was given and all the things it enables me to do from the dog walks and bike rides to eating food that tastes good, from sweet cuddles from cats to travelling or watching a sunset. I’m grateful everyday for my spouse and her sweetness, for Facetime and cell phones and all the technology that keeps us connected when she travels. Today is going to be a particularly good day! I’m going to walk two dogs – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I’m going to be in conversation with myself and my trusted mentors about directions and getting clear, complete a project and start a new one, ride my bicycle and be in the company of people I love who love me back. What are you doing today?


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