I will probably never pronounce the name of this beautiful instrument correctly. Too many times, it’s slipped off my lips incorrectly until now it has a rhythm that’s deeply rooted in my psyche. I think the correct pronunciation is music in itself but it just keeps coming out ‘car-il-yon’ from my mouth.

When I was a kid, my dad had a business that housed one of these gorgeous devices. The building was called Harmony Towers and it was part of a larger facility known as Wondering Woods.

The bells would ring every half hour. On the hour, you would be treated to a full length melody as well as striking out the hours – one strike for each hour of the day. For the chime that marked the half hours, you’d hear a brief, pleasant collection of notes – just a small, pleasant reminder that 30 more minutes had passed. The bells became the soundtrack to my days during the summers I spent at Wondering Woods.

I was so happy to hear carillon bells ringing across the field the first morning I walked a beloved dog friend in our new neighborhood. There was the melody… something I recognized but couldn’t name, then the hour strikes. One… two… It rang eight bells. 8 o’clock.

What a treat that has been for me each morning! Our walk usually starts around 7:30 am and we’re at the point in our walk where we are closest to the source of music at 8:00 am. I look forward to it. This morning, however, I let myself sleep in for a bit because I was at the airport after midnight last night picking up my spouse. That delayed my morning stroll with my friend, Canyon, and put us off track for our carillon concert.

I realized this when we stepped into the open field area where we normally first hear the clear, familiar ring. “Oh, rats, Canyon. It’s great sleeping in but we’re going to miss our bells this morning,” I said as she perked up her ears in response. And at that VERY moment, the sweet sounds of the carillon ringing began.

I checked my phone for the time. 8:30.

I know the universe was listening to me. I heard it telling me that I can have what I want when I want it – it will always say yes to me when I am open to it. It was telling me that all I have to do is ask. All I have to do is set my intentions.

Thank you, Life!


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