Happy Wednesday! As summer makes her last stand in these late season days, I am grateful to be alive to enjoy every last ray of warmth, to sit comfortably with my windows open, for short pants and sandals all day everyday and single layers of clothes. I’m grateful for a summer full of learning and growing, coming together and falling apart and coming together again, for finding new configurations and tools and making it work. I’m grateful for a gifted orb-weaver that has made her home in the frame of one of my back doors, for watching her as she goes about her magnificent spider activities each evening, for learning her routines and admiring how truly talented she is and for her dedication to her tasks. I’m grateful for my sister, the nurse, taking care of herself for a change, for a surprise conversation with another sister, the considered and attentive care yet another sister receives from her family, keeping up with my brother’s full life and my dad’s good humor as he adjusts to life without my mom. Today, I intend to exercise and support my body in its mission to move me around the planet in the best way possible, to laugh and enjoy myself, to love and accept love and to lay my head down tonight knowing I lived the whole day long. What are your plans today?


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