Good morning, Thursday! It’s a warm beginning to another hot, late-summer day and I am grateful to wake up and breathe it in. I’m grateful for a good night’s sleep, that there are more nights when I sleep well than when I don’t – and that there is always a gift in the sleepless nights when they come – an idea to explore or a book to read. I’m grateful for inspiration and new ideas and motion and momentum, for the satisfaction of finding what I’m looking for even when it’s just my car keys, for the affection of my dear spouse, the health and well-being of my friends, for the technology that keeps us all connected and for the threads of love and hope that weave us all together. Today, I intend to be productive, to talk to the right people to get things done, to make new prosperous connections that benefit all, to support my body’s amazing ability to move me around the planet and to enjoy it all in the doing. What are your plans for today?


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