Happy Thursday! Happy September Equinox! I am grateful to be alive on this very exciting day! If you are in the Bluegrass, sometime in the few minutes between 2:58pm (1458) and 3:05 pm (1505), the sun will pass directly over the earth’s equator and the amount of daylight and darkness will be nearly equal – in other words, the heavens will align. I am grateful that makes me smile. I’m grateful for the child that awakens in me. Knowing that in the big scheme of things, alignment happens very frequently, I am grateful for every time I have been aware of it and the excitement I feel. I’m also grateful for the affection of my spouse, my friends, my family, good work to do and lots of it, riding my bicycle, hot showers, warm towels, food that is healthy and enjoyable to eat and all the fun that Spirit gifts me with everyday. Today, I will have a great time doing everything I do. I will lay my head down tonight with a smile on my face and in my heart and know I lived every last second of this day. What are you doing today?


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