Happy Monday! It is the usual dark start to an early autumn day filled with unlimited possibilities and I am grateful to be fully alive and awake. I’m grateful for the (possible) return of the orb weaver at the back door – or at least the return of an orb weaver – knowing that whether it’s the same or not, this tiny (really, she is tiny in the big scheme of things) creature has something important to teach me and I am grateful for my willingness to learn. I’m grateful for the blessing that my spiritual community is in my life and a Sunday in service, for a delightful lunch with dear friends and learning about new opportunities to prosper, for an afternoon with my beloved preparing for upcoming opportunities to share laughter and love and joy, for an evening of sharing yummy food and connecting with neighbors and friends. I am grateful for the blessing that everyday is but I’m especially grateful for Sundays. Today, I intend to accomplish everything I set out to do and go to sleep tonight happy and satisfied with my day. What’s your plan?


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