Happy Monday! It’s a beautiful beginning to a great fall day in the Bluegrass and I am grateful to be alive! I’m grateful for Sundays and starting the week off inspired, for long conversations about things that matter, for prayer and every opportunity I get to do it. I’m grateful to wake up each morning and swing my feet off the bed and land on a soft rug and stand upright and stretch and feel my body wake up, for drinking that first glass full of clean water and feeling my body be rehydrated and my mind shed its fuzzy sleepiness, to wake in the calm and peaceful surroundings of my own home in the midst of souls who love me and are also grateful I woke up, to feel loved and to love. Today, I intend to easily accomplish everything I set out to do from the simplest task to the most complicated, and to lay my head down tonight satisfied that I lived life well today. Peace and Blessings.


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