Hello Friday! What a great morning to wake up and be alive! I am grateful that I am. I’m grateful for the rain and waking to the sounds of water falling on leaves, for yeterday’s rolling thunder and dramatic dark clouds, the coziness of my office and work to do that brings me joy! I’m grateful for learning and growing in my awareness, for paying attention to all the miracles happening around me, for drops of water flying through the sunlit air, for the hawks and the crows and their graceful dances – for watching all the crows in an area fly to the aid of a few when a hawk comes to shop in the territory, for knowing there is balance and I’m grateful for that balance. I’m grateful for knowing I am not alone, for my dear spouse, my family, my friends, my community, for guidance and inspiration and all the treasures that Life gifts me with everyday! Today, I intend to eagerly gobble up all the gifts that Life has to give me, to open up my arms, my mind, my heart and receive all the love I can possibly soak up, to feel it right to my brim until I think I’ll explode – and then give it all away! Peace and blessings!


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