Happy Saturday! I am grateful to wake up and feel my feet on terra firma, to breathe life-giving air into my lungs and stretch the sleep out of my muscles and tendons, for a full glass of clean water and hot coffee in my favorite mug. I’m grateful for an affectionate cat companion in Oscar, “The Boss,” and his sweet reminders that he loves me and values my attention, for a date night in with my beloved soulmate and practicing good self-care, for sleeping soundly for a full eight hours and waking rested and alert, for a body that likes to move and exert itself and all the gifts this physical world has for me. I’m grateful for the little aches and pains that sometimes accompany my efforts as I might otherwise forget the joy I had in acquiring them. All the efforts and activities that have gotten me right here and right now bless me and I am grateful for each of them. Today, I intend to spend time in the magic of tidying – to support my space and shelter, to walk a sweet dog friend through the park and visit with dear friends, to create out of the imagination that speaks through me and to laugh and love and have a good time being me! Peace and blessings.


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