Hello Sunday! Happy 296th day of 2016! I am grateful to be alive on this chilly start to a beautiful day. I’m grateful for hooded sweatshirts and warm sunshine when the breezes turn cold, for long walks and feeling stronger and better everyday. I’m grateful for projects and opportunities that are fun and inspiring to me, for work that brings me joy and prosperity, for exploring and learning new things and techniques and for endless curiosity. I’m grateful for all the ways that life supports me and my family in love and wholeness and the technology that keeps us connected and allows for the easy flow of loving support. I’m grateful for my spiritual community and that Sundays roll around at just the right time for me. My life is full of blessings and I am grateful. Today, I intend to step out of my way and let a power infinitely higher, wiser, stronger, more loving than myself live the life I am here for. Peace and blessings.


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