Hello Tuesday! It’s a dark and quiet start to a beautiful October day in central Kentucky and I am grateful to be alive and living it. I’m grateful to draw cool air into my lungs and feel it wake my physical senses, energizing me, moving me, for drinking in cool, clear water and chasing it with a bracing mug full of the strongest, blackest coffee I can make and sitting peacefully in gratitude for all of my blessings. I’m grateful for ideas and inspiration and the confidence that there is nothing outside my reach. The same energy and know-how that holds the sun and stars and planets in alignment and created a system of seasons for renewal and regeneration and rebirth, is the energy that created me and guides me and I am grateful for this amazing life. I’m grateful for the unerring guidance that has brought me right here right now and the opportunity to refresh and renew in every moment. Today, I intend to watch for all the ways I limit myself and to surrender the things that do not serve me. Peace and blessings.


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