Hello Wednesday! I am grateful to be alive as this day begins, as darkness rolls over to light and golden, early morning sparkliness floods the landscape, as we flirt with frostiness and break out the hats and light gloves and jackets, I am grateful to be right here right now. I have always loved the changing of the seasons and this one is no different. I’m grateful to see another one. I’m grateful for every little bit of wisdom gained from the seasons passing and for all that is yet to come, for every opportunity to learn and grow. I’m grateful for the things that I am drawn to and the things that bring me Joy because those are God’s way of expressing in, through and as me in this world. When I have a task to do and I can’t wait to get to it – I’m energized and excited and inspired by it – I’d do it no matter what – then I know that Spirit is working in me to bring something to light and to life and I am so very grateful to answer the charge. Today, let me suspend my judgments about the things that make me feel alive and energized and let me just live them. I let Life flow through me today. Peace and blessings.


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