Hello Thursday! I am grateful to start another day on this planet. I am grateful for streets lined with beautiful jewel-like leaves, the golds and crimsons and bright oranges, for Autumn’s unique beauty – the cool air, blue skies, turning, falling, floating, blowing leaves – always thinking I’ve found the most beautiful one until the next step and I realize they are all indescribably gorgeous. I’m grateful for the technology that keeps us connected and for the gift of choice in all things. I’m grateful for all the people that have come into my life over the years and all the lessons I have learned from them and that I continue to learn. Every connection and every soul is a teacher intentionally or otherwise, from my parents and siblings to schoolmates to business associates, co-workers, spouses and friends and I am grateful for the collection of teachers I have amassed. I am grateful for the opportunity to witness the incredible capacity for love and know that by my witness and appreciation, I am actively increasing the love in the world. Today, I intend to go about my daily activities with the awareness of love and its power to transform and connect. Peace and blessings.


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