Happy Sunday! I am grateful to wake up this morning, to open my eyes from a good night’s sleep and be alive and awake and aware, to draw deep breaths of air into my lungs and feel the cool hardwood on my feet and the pulses of energy in my muscles as blood flows to my extremities and this day begins for the form that supports me and brings me so many blessings. I’m grateful for the beauty that comes to me through all of my physical senses, from bright, sunny mornings, amazing sunrises and sunsets, clear blue skies, trees full of turning leaves, to the sound of church bells or a train whistle in the distance, the familiar tune of a favorite song from years ago or someone saying, “I love you,” to the yumminess of apple pie, fresh bread, tea sweetened with a touch of honey, the sharp bitterness of my morning coffee, to the feel of soft fur as a happy dog leans her body into me or a purring cat curls up in my lap for a nap or my sweetheart’s head on my shoulder or holding hands. I’m grateful for Sundays and for time with my spiritual community, for giving and receiving and all the ways that Love shows up in my days. I am blessed and I am grateful. Today, I intend to affirm my safe passage through this life, to surrender any fear or anxiety and simply live the best life I am able, to know that I am loved and to reflect that love back into the world. Peace and blessings.


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