Happy Monday! Happy Halloween! It is a great day to be alive in the heart of the Bluegrass and I am grateful I am. I’m grateful for spectacularly clear autumn sunrises and the ribbons of lavender and pink and orange and gold that cross the deep blue morning sky as we roll around to the sun’s golden light, jet trails creating an abstract masterpiece on the horizon, changing every millisecond, unable to take my gaze away from it in its absolute gorgeousness. I’m grateful for clear, warm, breezy afternoons and a soulmate who’s game for a late day bike ride, for giving my inner child free rein and pedaling as fast as I can, feeling the air move around my form as I race through it, feeling my body being strong and powerful, my heart pumping, the blood going everywhere it’s supposed to, doing everything it’s supposed to, being a human – feeling like a kid again. I’m grateful for all the little treasures I find tucked away and that the Universe has a sense of fun – if not a sense of humor. Life is good. Life is amazing. I am blessed and I am grateful. Today, I intend to take care of business and enjoy every second of it. Peace and blessings.


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