Happy Wednesday! Happy One-More-Shorts-and-Sandals-Day-2016! It’s early and still dark and quiet outside and I am grateful to have the window in my office open and to breathe in the clear, morning air. I’m grateful for waking earlier than normal and giving myself permission to get up out of the bed and enjoy the solitude of the wee hours of the day, for all the wonderful possibilities that today holds right now and all the absolute certainties that will happen today – there will be smiles today, and hugs and kisses; someone will say, “I love you,” and someone will hear those words. Someone will fall in love today and someone will receive that affection. Someone will be kind today and someone will benefit from that kindness. Someone will make a decision today, make a plan, find a new way, paint a painting, write a poem, begin their vacation, adopt an animal friend, soothe a crying baby, birth a baby, comfort a friend, share grief and experience, show compassion, pass a test, start their novel, complete their novel, read a novel, enjoy their hobby, make progress, get the job, retire, get good news, get inspired, share their food, buy a house, buy a car, slow down and smell the roses, have a birthday, cook their first meal, ride a bike for the first time, visit loved ones, make a new human friend, get a raise, make a sale, find freedom, tell the truth, stop drinking, stop smoking, find their life’s purpose, find Joy. ALL of this will happen today without fail. It is Life and I am grateful for it. Today, I intend to open my heart to all the good that is happening in the world right now and simply enjoy it! Peace and blessings!


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