Hello Thursday! It is a blessing to be alive right now and I am grateful for it. I’m grateful for the promise of rain and the excitement of thunderstorms, for the thing in me that responds to thunder rumbling and lightning flashing, for sleeping soundly last night and listening to the sounds of a raccoon or opossum rummaging through the backyard as I wake up with my hot, strong coffee in hand, for the distant sounds of planes taking the sky as travellers and commuters begin their journeys, for dogs barking in the distance, that it’s November 3rd and I’m sitting comfortably in my office with the window open listening to the sounds of life outside my window. I’m grateful for a healthy body and lots of exercise, yummy food from my favorite place, good company and good work, deadlines I can meet and getting everything done that needs to be done. Today, I intend to be productive and efficient, to really connect with those around me and to have a good time! Peace and blessings.


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