Happy Tuesday! Happy historic Celebrate-Your-Right-to-Exercise-Your-Freedoms-Day! I am grateful to be alive on this day! I’m grateful for the exhileration of voting and connecting to all the energy and intention that is behind my being able to freely exercise that right. I’m grateful for all the freedoms and rights that I now enjoy. I’m especially grateful for my right to legally marry the love of my life which I did exactly two years ago today and for all the people who were there with us in person and spirit. I’m grateful for the growing awareness that Love truly is ALWAYS the answer, that LOVE triumphs, that kindness and compassion and connection thrive at the center of the human experience right now. Today, I will V O T E !! and I will hug my wife and tell her that I love her with all my heart. I will celebrate all that I have and I will give thanks to the God who has gifted me with this amazing life! Over and over and over again! Peace and blessings.


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