Happy Friday! Happy Veterans’ Day! I am grateful to be alive this morning, for all of the energy that has been spent to get us all right here and right now. I am a peace time veteran and I appreciate the service all my former shipmates as well as all those who went before us and all those who came after us. I appreciate that our military is a way to give back to a nation that affords us all the freedoms that the United States of America offers us. It is my dream that someday, we will live in a country that offers an option for community service that supports this great nation that does not involve militarization. I’m grateful to live in a beautiful place, to have a roof over my head and clean running water, for world-class medical care for those I love, for a family that loves and supports each other, for my amazing spouse and that the Supreme Court said yes to us, for my spiritual community and my friends, for technology that keeps us in contact and conversation, for all the gifts that Spirit has bestowed on me – I am warm, safe, well-fed, loved, healthy and active. I have my memory and a mind that still functions well. I have learned the importance of forgiveness and how to love. My body does everything it is supposed to do and without much complaint. I am blessed and I am grateful. Today, I intend to keep moving toward my highest good and know that I live in a safe, abundant, loving world. Peace and blessings.


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