Happy Sunday! It’s a wonderful start to the day and I am grateful for it. I’ve opened my eyes, breathed in cool, fresh air, donned my raggedy hoodie to keep me cozy and warm, arranged a purring cat in my lap, sipped my coffee and become awake. I’m grateful for my sister doing so well now, for well-trained medical professionals, for my family and my clients and the opportunity to unplug one day, for being in the woods and seeing the sunlight filtered through the sparse, colorful leaves, for feeling the chill air and the warm sunshine, for a day that included laughter and affection, time with my spouse, beautiful scenery and a safe road trip. I’m grateful for a body that likes to move and that it continues to do so comfortably, for the heart, lungs, joints, skin, limbs, bones, brain and other parts and pieces that support me on this journey. I am blessed and I am grateful. Today, I intend to do what is indicated and to have a good time doing it. Peace and blessings.


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