Hope Cannot Die

Hope cannot die. Eternal Hope is forever warm and fresh
within me; the deathless Hope built upon the rock of sure knowledge.
O Hope Sublime, O Life Supreme, behold I come to Thee as a tired
child, and Thou dost rekindle within me the fires of Faith.
Strong, swift and sure, Faith springs forth into action and my
entire Being rises to meet the Dawn.
Hope, Faith and Love are in me.

~ Ernest Holmes

It’s a chilly start to this November day in the Bluegrass and I am grateful to be living it. I’m grateful for all the good that is happening in the world today – whether we hear about it or not – that there are hugs and smiles and laughter and affection and Joy. I’m grateful that my faith tells me good is here and that it never leaves, that we get infinite do-overs as individuals and as communities and countries, that when we connect in kindness and compassion and love, we have the power of the Creator of all things behind us. Today, I intend to look for new ways to make that kind, compassionate, love connection in the gift of Life I’ve been given. Peace and blessings.


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