The spirit of Infinite Peace flows through my whole being. 

I live, move and have my entire existence in this Peace. 

I know there is no judgment, no condemnation and no fear. 

I realize that everyone and everything is struggling toward the light.

I know that peace exists at the center of everything.

I let go of all confusion and permit myself to rise into that realm of Pure Spirit which is forever free from doubt and uncertainty. 

I know that God is right where I am. 

~Ernest Holmes

Happy Sunday! I am grateful to be alive today, for being in the mountains, walking steep hills and the invigorating feeling that comes with exertion. I’m grateful for good food, good friends, my dear spouse, long conversations about things that have meaning for me, road trips and all the love that comes into my world everyday. Today, I intend to see the good in everyone I meet. Peace and blessings. 


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