Today I recognize the abundance of life.
I animate everything in my experience with this idea.
I remember only the good.
I accept only the good.
I expect only the good.
This is all I experience.
I give thanks that this good is flowing in ever-increasing volume.
I say to my mind, there is good enough to go around.
I do not withhold that good from myself or others, but proclaim that spiritual substance is forever flowing to each and to all as daily supply.

~Ernest Holmes

Hello Tuesday! I am grateful to be alive right now. I’m grateful for the air I breathe, a warm and cozy house, my dear soul mate and family, good wishes, a hot cup of coffee and good conversation, getting fit in for a massage at the last minute, affectionate cat and dog and human friends, making almost 59 trips around the big star before I had to make the first one without my mama, for missing her everyday and for this year of firsts. Today, I intend to recognize the abundance of life. Peace and blessings.


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