The Joy of the Soul

My Soul within me rejoices at the realization of Life.
I am glad as I behold my inner Light;
I cannot be sad nor depressed, for the All Good has claimed me as Its own.
O Soul within me, rejoice and become glad, for thy Light has come and Thy Day of Salvation is at hand.
Be still within me and behold Him Who sitteth On High.
I rejoice in my Life within me.

~Ernest Holmes

Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful to be alive on this gray, November morning, for the air I breathe and the Life that lives me. I’m grateful for my family and spending the day with my dad, for Kentucky’s wonderful State Parks department and driving through the most beautiful place on earth. I’m grateful for rain swelling the parched ground in the backyard and the leaves blowing into clumps, for a warm, dry house with windows, for a great chiropractor who always seems to put my form right again and feeling free to move, for the people who appreciate my work and encourage me to keep at it, for the joy that fills me when I’m loving what I’m doing so much I get lost in it. I’m grateful that my sister has found a good home for now – a place that looks more like a home than a clinic – and for Spirit showing up as all the nurses and doctors and other residents who care for her.  I’m grateful for memories of Thanksgivings spent with my mother’s large family, a house full of food cooking, the smell of fresh yeast rolls sweetening the air, coming together to sit at as many tables as we could squeeze into the space and to give thanks and then to eat and simply enjoy being together. I’m grateful for all the gifts that have come to me through the years and for all the gifts I have right now. I am wealthy beyond imagining and I am grateful. I am grateful for my spouse and my friends and all the ways LOVE shines bright in my life. Today, I give thanks for it ALL! Peace and blessings!


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