There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.

~Bernard Williams

Happy Friday! Happy birthday to my sister, Charlotte! I am grateful to be alive right now, for gray, November days in Kentucky when light seems to fall on everything uniformly and from every direction, everything is simultaneously illuminated and in shadow, the leaves fall away from their branches exposing the bare earth and downy woodpeckers’ hideouts. I am grateful for these days. I am grateful for a day with my dad and the buffet at Blue Licks State Park, for visiting with people from my mother’s “neck of the woods,” and driving through hillsides that are still farmed by locals. I’m grateful for my wonderful spouse and all the fun and love that she brings to my days, for my family and friends, for my partners and clients and loving what I do, for every new day and new opportunity I have to find love on my path. Today, I intend to find even more love and hope and faith. Peace and blessings.


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