Ever since Happiness heard your name, It has been running through the streets trying to find you.


Happy Sunday! I am grateful and happy to be alive today! It’s a cold start to a late November day and I am grateful to be awake to see the first hint of light peeking through the remaining leaves, to hear the wind agitating those leaves, coaxing them to surrender their perches, for their tenacity and determination even when they appear so very fragile. I’m grateful to be covered in cat this morning and the lovely unexpected affection and lots of purring, for the treat of discovering there’s still a little coffee in the mug, for quiet time in meditation and looking forward to a morning in community with my tribe. I’m grateful for my sweet spouse and her smile and happiness and enthusiasm, for dear friends and family, for days filled with love and connection, for my health, long walks with sweet dog friends and the reminder that now is the absolute best time. Today, I intend to wrap everything that comes into my awareness in kindness and compassion. What will you do with this gift of a day? Peace and blessings.


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