Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us.

~Samuel Smiles

Hello Tuesday! I am grateful to be alive on this clear, autumn morning in Kentucky. I’m grateful for wind gusts determined to ply each and every leaf from its moorings before December arrives, for the rain and chill, the reflections of headlights on wet pavement in the grayness, the sounds of water hitting the windows and dripping earthward, the amazing color and texture at my feet in every step, being reminded that there is beauty everywhere in every process and stage of life. I’m grateful for opportunities and chances to learn and to grow, to do new things and have new experiences, for change, the reminder to appreciate my gifts and be open to experience more. I’m grateful for happy outcomes and good news, hot coffee in the morning, my spouse, my friends and my family, a workstation covered in cat hair and all the love that comes to me each day. Today, I intend to find even more love and joy and beauty than I did yesterday – and that is a lot. Peace and blessings.


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