Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

~Arthur Ashe

Happy Sunday evening! What a wonderful day it has been. I am grateful to have lived this day and all of its gifts. I’m grateful for a cat who is determined to be in my lap right now, his faith that he can convince me to stop typing and his sighs when it doesn’t happen fast enough. I’m grateful for his secret weapon: first, a single kiss on my chin, then a huge purr and finally, laying across my forearms. It’s pretty effective. I’m happy to fall for it at least for a bit.

I’ve been contributing my daily gratitudes on this blog for quite some time – and on Facebook for years – and I continue to do so but I will begin writing in the evenings as I have happily taken a full-time job outside the home that starts early in the mornings and I don’t want to rush through this. It is too important to my day to put it on a tight deadline.

Tonight, I am grateful that transitions in my life are smooth and seamless and that I have opportunities to grow and and expand and live my best life, for continuing to enjoy my illustration work, websites and spiritual coaching as well as an exciting new venture. I’m grateful for my spouse and family and friends – both human and canine and feline, for a beautiful service at Ahava today and a message that really hit home for me, for a spiritual path that seems more clear everyday and all the love and affection and fun that comes into my life, for good food, a healthy body and mind, lots of energy and interests that bring me joy. Life is amazingly good and I am blessed. Peace and blessings.


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