Hello Saturday! I am grateful to be alive on this day, breathing air into the lungs of this body, waking, stetching, being. I’m grateful for new opportunities to enjoy myself and have fun, for a body that is vigilant and capable of supporting me in living the life I’m here to live, for long drives through beautiful countrysides, for good food that nourishes me as well as gives me great pleasure. I’m grateful for audiobooks and talented narrators, for painful stories that are hard but need to be told and for the people willing to tell them and the people willing to listen, for everyone and anyone who is willing to be centered in and stay open to love and peace and harmony even when it seems no one else is or cares. I’m grateful for the steadfast and true, the peacemakers and the compromisers, the lovers and the givers. I’m grateful to live in a world where there are those people and I’m grateful for their light. May I live their example today and everyday. Peace and blessings.


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