Hello Saturday! I am grateful to be alive this morning, for sleeping in a bit and sleeping well, for hot coffee to sip on and taking my time to greet this new and fresh day that has never happened before. I’m grateful that I have the chance to start new in every moment, that all I have to do is change direction. I’m grateful for choice and knowing that God’s “got my back” no matter the path I choose. I’m grateful for generous people who keep their hearts open to the struggles of people around them, who   keep the faith and hold the light for everyone else. I’m grateful to always be amazed by the Spirit of God showing up in, through and as the people I meet – for the power and persistence and love that shines as us. I’m grateful for sharing and shining and love and hugs. May I hold the high watch for anyone in doubt of their Truth today. Peace and blessings. 


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