Hello Sunday! I am grateful to be alive, awake and aware right now. I’m grateful for a full, active life filled with good intentions and kind, generous friends and associates. I’m grateful for my mistakes as well as my successes, knowing that errors generally yield a much richer message about my circumstances than my “successes.” And allowing that my error or mistake has energy in the world, it ripples out into the lives of those around me and I have to stop myself from taking the reactions of those associates personally and instead focus on what my actions and the results mean in my life. Is something out of balance in my life? Am I trying to do too much? Am I eating healthy? Exercising enough? Sleeping enough? What is the blessed message in my mistake? I am grateful that when I am quiet and open to hearing it, the message comes to me and I can then choose what to do with that information. I can then make informed choices to support myself thus changing the energy I put out into the world. I am blessed by my so-called errors and the wealth of information they bring to me. May I live from that place of forgiveness today, both for myself and everyone else. Peace and blessings.


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