Happy Sunday! I’m grateful to be alive right now and I’m grateful for all the real rock stars in my life. I’m grateful for seeing all the ways that the people around me and that I know, make a huge difference in the world around them and the lives of the people with whom they come in contact. From my spouse who works helping people in recovery from addictions, to the minister and practitioners who help people recover from life, to the nurse who’s there when people recover from surgeries and illnesses of the body, to kind, compassionate bosses who care about their coworkers, to professors and lawyers and stay-at-home moms, teachers, trainers, hairdressers, writers, business owners and merchants, visual artists, single working moms, unemployed utility workers, mentors who post encouragement and insights to social media everyday, cooks, counselors, cashiers, conscientious parents, postal workers and the administrators who make it all happen so seamlessly. I’m grateful for the realization that our “work” is one of the important ways we show up as points of light in the world and that these rock stars are not exclusive to me, that they are just the ordinary people being their extraordinary selves in my proximity, living, sharing, caring, loving. You have these people in your life no matter where you live or what you do. You are one of these people yourself! Life is amazing and I am grateful. Peace and blessings. 


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