Sunday 0402

Hello Sunday! It’s a chilly start to another beautiful day and I am grateful to be living it. I’m grateful for my spouse and family and friends, finding my tribe and getting to spend time with them. I’m grateful for long walks with a sweet dog and never enough Frisbee. Happy, happy Sunday! What are you grateful for?


Saturday 0401

Happy Saturday! It’s a wonderful day to be alive and I am grateful I am. I’m grateful that each week contains a Saturday. I am frequently just as busy on Saturday as I am any other day of the week – sometimes more – but my idea of Saturday is always more relaxed and more fun. I’m grateful for every Saturday that I have spent in play and relaxation and luxurious laziness. What are you grateful for today?

Thursday 0330

Happy Thursday! Happy birthday to my sweet mama. I’m grateful to be alive right here and right now. I’m grateful to have happy ideas of my young grandparents getting ready for the birth of their first baby girl 91 years ago today. I’m grateful for all the ways that God showed up as my mom. She loved flowers and had a marvelously green thumb. There were times when whole rooms in the house were filled with plants and flowers and she cared for them all tenderly and expertly. At the end of her life, even through the fog of dementia, she would joyfully recall her father giving her a row in the freshly tilled earth next to the vegetable garden to grow her flowers. I’m grateful to think of my mama whenever I take a photo of a flower. Life is an amazing gift. Peace and blessings. 

Wednesday 0329

Happy Wednesday! I’m grateful to be alive right now. I’m grateful for a good night’s sleep, waking rested, having all the energy I need to do what I want to do. I’m grateful for silky-furred cats who want to be petted, a cozy house to live in, a safe, reliable car, hot coffee every morning, food that tastes good and supports my good health. I’m grateful for my spouse, my family, my friends, my neighbors, a job that pays the bills and always having enough of everything. Life is so good and I am so grateful. What is making you smile today?

Tuesday 0328

Happy Tuesday! It’s a wet, warmish morning in central Kentucky and I am grateful to be alive and living it. The flowers are loving the mix of plenty of rain, warmer temperatures and periods of sunshine. They are beaming their brilliant colors from every corner of the yard. The cats and people in this house are appreciating the windows being open and all the sights, sounds and smells that drift into the house. I’m grateful for all this and more, for my spouse’s safe travels, for supper with neighbors, dramatic skies and big, fast-moving clouds, for sleeping peacefully, food in the fridge, hot coffee, good work to do. I’m grateful for my family. I’m so grateful for the amazing way Spirit shows up as the people I share genes with. Life is love. What are you grateful for today?

Monday 0327

Happy Monday! I am grateful to be alive right here and right now. It’s a warm, Spring morning, the new moon, the windows are open and the morning outdoor sounds mix harmoniously with the morning indoor sounds, cats scampering, squirrels scurrying, clicking and ticking, purring and drops of water hitting leaves as they sift through the trees on their journey earthward. I’m grateful to be sitting here peacefully hearing it all. Life is good. Peace and blessings. 

Sunday 0326

Happy Sunday! It’s a rainy start to this fine Spring day and I’m grateful to be alive and living it. I’m grateful for plenty of exercise yesterday and being outside, for all the little bursts of color showing up everywhere, for yummy food for supper last night and the most delicious smells that filled the house, for having the windows open and cats perched in each of them. Life is sweet and I am grateful. What are you grateful for today?

Saturday 0325

Hello Saturday! I am grateful to be alive right now! It’s a lovely, warm, clear start to a Spring day in Kentucky, the windows are open and cool, fresh air breezes into the house, the cats are happy and entertained. There’s coffee in my cup, short pants on the wardrobe agenda, a walk with my bestie on schedule this morning, birds arguing noisily over prizes outside. Life is spectacular right now and I am grateful for it. What are you grateful for today?

Words in My Head 

As the sliver of thinness in the otherwise thick cloud cover passed in front of the sun, the light changed in the world below and every single thing took notice. 

The daffodils with their broken hearts and bent stems, considered releasing their lip locks on the ground covering their eternal bulbs.

The squirrel stopped her frantic digging and hunched still over her deep gash in the earth.

The Robin jerked his head up and pulled his wings taut across his back, lifting his body erect, perched on his thin, stick legs.

The earth worm recoiled from the violent attack and, welcoming the distraction, drove himself determinedly into the safe, soft, warm, dark dirt.

His new alter-ego followed suit.